10 Essential Tips for a Smooth Move

  1. Make sure that you are fully packed, sealed, and ready to be moved.

  2. Disconnect all appliances - including electric, gas lines, TV, and internet cables

  3. Place all boxes and light items on the first floor or in the garage to minimize moving time.

  4. Disassemble items such as beds and tables prior to move, as it saves you time and money.

  5. Empty ALL desk and cabinet drawers.

  6. Defrost your refrigerator and wipe liquid at least ONE day before moving to avoid dripping.

  7. Clear the driveway & sidewalk from any snow or debris.

  8. If moving from one apartment to another, remember to book elevator service in advance.

  9. Label your boxes (if fragile, which room/floor they’ll be going to, etc.)

  10. Pack plates vertically like records to avoid breaking.

Personal Tips: 

  • Change your mailing and billing address at least two weeks prior to moving.

  • Make your last grocery trip two weeks prior to moving.

  • We advise you that you should personally transport irreplaceable photos, personal documents, financial documents, jewelry, etc.

  • Lamps, Lampshades, Glassware, Marble, Mirrors, Paintings, Antiques, Sculptures and ornaments need to be packed & wrapped; wrapping them yourself will save time.

  • Pack the screws and tools you will need in a clear plastic bin or bag.

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